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CredibleBH requires you to log into your CredibleBH login domain to access the solution. This domain, called the trusted domain, contains all customer and employee data for this organization and has been configured for the system.


Once you have logged into, the home page will be displayed. You will find different categories on the home page. Most of the articles are displayed on the screen for all users, but some are specific to the user who is logged in. For example, prescribing information is only available to medical personnel. Not all companies use the full list of sections. Depending on your system and your position in the company, you will also find other areas on your home page.

CredibleBH is basically a popular and very useful online behavioral health (BH) portal. Reliable customer service agents are friendly and helpful. They are also available to you at any time should a problem arise. Also, they have a culture of extreme collaboration.

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To contact them, visit the company’s website, If you click on this link, you will be directed to their contact form. If you have any questions, please send them along with your name, address, and email address to the official company email address. You will receive an email with the information related to your request. In addition, you can write them to the official address or call the number provided.

Here are some ways to contact the customer service team

Official Website:

Customer Service: 301-652-9500.

Fax: 240-744-3086.

Email: [email protected]

Official Address: 1 Choice Hotels Circle, 11th Floor Rockville, MD 20850